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9-to-5 Escape Plan

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Are you ready to design a business, and a life, outside of the conventional '9 to 5'?

You're not alone. Now, more than ever, people are reassessing what's important in their lives and choosing to quit their jobs in what has been termed 'The Great Resignation'.

But quitting your job is only the beginning, the very first step. If you want to create a profitable, and enjoyable, business - one that's going to last and that's going to give you the lifestyle that you're dreaming of - then you need to do this in the right way.

In this free workshop series, discover how to plan to quit your job as we take you through the 5 pillars you need to work on to make your 'escape from the 9 to 5' work for you.

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Introducing the 5 pillars of building a life and business outside of the 9 to 5.

As you transition out of a successful corporate career and into working for yourself, there are five key areas that you need to focus on to make your business, and your lifestyle, viable for the long term. This is not just about financial success but about creating something that is meaningful, enjoyable, and manageable in the context of all the other things (and people) that matter in your life.

In 5 bitesize sessions - easy to squeeze in over lunch! - you'll learn how to...

#1 Clarify your vision for the future

You may know what you *don't* want, but to design the right business you need to be crystal clear on what you *do* want, in your career and in your life in the more big picture sense.

#2 Address the fears and doubts holding you back

As you consider leaving behind everything you've known, it's natural that you'll face the fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of making the wrong choice. We'll confront these head on.

#3 Choose the right business model

It's easy to jump on something because you think it's going to be easy, or it's something you *can* do - but you need to choose the model that will give you the life and business that you want.

#4 Build a new identity and brand beyond your job title

It's hard to let go of a prestigious job title in a big-name company, and it will take time to understand who you really are without that, and to craft a personal brand that's going to attract the right clients.

#5 Find a way to fit the business around your other priorities

Initially, you'll need to find a way to build your business and your brand alongside your existing job; then, once you've quit, you want to make sure that it's fitting around everything else that matters in your life.

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Anna Lundberg

Anna Lundberg is the founder of One Step Outside, where she helps experienced professionals around the world design a career, a business and a lifestyle that brings them more freedom, flexibility and fulfilment - outside of the conventional 9 to 5.

Ex-Oxford, ex-Procter & Gamble, today she combines her 10+ years of experience in global branding and digital marketing roles with her training in coaching and positive psychology techniques to help people reimagine the next phase of their career.

She is the host of the Reimagining Success podcast and author of Leaving the Corporate 9 to 5: Stories from people who’ve done it (and how you can too!).

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