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Hi, I'm Anna, and I'm a business consultant and career coach, helping people transition from their unfulfilling corporate jobs to create a meaningful career and business that they really love.

Having been a 'good girl' all my life, working hard along a conveyor belt of expectations at top universities and prestigious companies, I found myself in my thirties feeling disconnected from my work and unsure of what to do next. I finally quit my job, and started up on my own.

But the truth is that working for yourself is hard, and if you're not careful it can be as meaningless and draining as your old corporate job!

I've discovered that there are 3 key drivers for any career to be meaningful, and you need to make sure these are in place before you even bother about things like branding and marketing strategy for your business.

​I'm happy to share with you these 9 Questions To Ask Yourself To Set Your Business Up For Success, to make sure that the business you’re creating is going to help you reach your personal and professional goals and, ultimately, create the life you want.

set your business up for success
Anna Lundberg

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