Ep. 152 Where to focus? #askanna


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the strategies and tactics and ideas that are jostling for your attention. To help you with where to focus in your business, we have a free business assessment for you. Use it to identify the gaps and get clear on what action you need to take to fill […]

Ep. 121 How to build a resilient business

how build resilient business

Resilience means the ability to bounce back in the context of adversity – in the context of business, to deal with and respond effectively to the inevitable ups and downs of working for yourself. Here are 3 things you can do to respond effectively in the moment; and 3 things you can do to build […]

Ep. 117 The best self-help books on success

best self help books success

When you’ve tentatively decided to make a big career or lifestyle change but you don’t feel ready to work with a coach or invest in a paid programme, a good place to start is to do some reading and reflecting on your own. With this in mind, I’m sharing my five favourite books, which inspired […]