Ep. 156 How to get more leads #askanna


*Resources mentioned during the episode* Level up with The Outsiders Business Accelerator – This is a mastermind for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners who want to create a long-term sustainable brand and business. www.onestepoutside.com/accelerate   How to get more leads #askanna Transcript: Hello, hello there. Welcome back as we look today at one of […]

Ep. 138 Raising your profile

raising your profile

None of them are easy as such, but the fact is that there are more opportunities than ever before to demonstrate your expertise, without necessarily following the traditional path of years and years of experience and formal qualifications. How about: writing a book, sharing your knowledge on social media, writing posts and articles in other […]

Ep. 125 Choosing the right business model

choosing right business model

*Resources mentioned during the episode* The One Step Outside Facebook group – Join us over in the Facebook group to meet like-minded people who are working on reimagining success in their life and business and to get access to direct support and free training sessions from Anna. www.facebook.com/groups/onestepoutside Level up with The Outsiders Business Accelerator – […]