Ep. 155 Weekly priorities for your business


Success comes from taking consistent action, showing up, and taking those little steps to build momentum. What are the things that need to be on your calendar to get you to where you need to be? *Resources mentioned during the episode* Level up with The Outsiders Business Accelerator – This is a mastermind for entrepreneurs, […]

Ep. 137 Confidence in your personal brand

confidence personal brand

It can feel a little ‘icky’ to think of yourself as a brand, it seems unnatural to engage in so much self-promotion after you never had to do that in your full-time job, and it’s easy to compare yourself and stress about how other people are doing it so much better. Getting clear on who […]

Ep. 124 Perseverance in business

perseverance business

 Want to know which business model is the best? Which marketing formula gets you the most traffic? Which sales technique gets you the best conversion rates? Listen up! *Resources mentioned during the episode* The One Step Outside Facebook group– Join us over in the Facebook group to meet like-minded people who are working on […]