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Hi, I'm Anna, and I'm a success coach and business strategist.

Having been a 'good girl' all my life, working hard along a conveyor belt of expectations, I found myself in my thirties suddenly feeling disconnected to my work and unsure of what to do next.

When I decided to quit my job in 2013, I was confronted with the fear of failure, fear of success, concerns about money... but once I faced and, ultimately, overcame those fears, I can honestly say that I've never looked back!

Today, I help people transition from their unfulfilling corporate jobs to a meaningful career that they really love.​

I'm happy to share with you these 10 things I discovered after I quit my job, for an instant injection of inspiration and a reminder of all the possibilities that are open to you!

10 lessons
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"You have come into my life like a bright star."

"It gave me hope, as I quit my job this year without any back-up plan and at times I feel lost and terrified."

"It's such an amazing and hopeful message. There is lots of positivity, hope and encouragement in that article. It feels like you're talking to me."

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