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Helping you create a business and build a lifestyle that allows you an unimagined sense of freedom, flexibility and fulfilment outside of the 9 to 5

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You're in the right place if…

You're already successful but you're beginning to question what that really means

You're craving something more than just mindless meetings and endless PowerPoint presentations

You're passionate and driven in different areas of your life and you have many interests

You're independent, you don't usually need help, and so you don't have people around you to support you

You want to make a real difference in the world and find a reason to jump out of bed in the morning

About Me

Anna Lundberg portrait

Who I am, and why I want to help you reimagine success

My name’s Anna Lundberg and I help people figure out what they really want and then go out and actually do it.

I’ve been there myself. I was plodding along that expected path, head down as I worked away on autopilot. The job was great on paper, I loved my colleagues… but fundamentally the work just wasn’t meaningful for me and eventually I had to quit.

Since then, I’ve been working to create a life and career that I’m proud of, that allows me to be 100% myself, and to manage all my different priorities and my energy so that I feel balanced and fulfilled.

I now guide people just like you (and past me!) from a place of stagnation and frustration through to a place where you will have greater clarity and confidence as well as practical tools to get you moving on the path towards your goals.

This is where my approach is uniquely effective: anchoring the big, inspiring vision into your day-to-day life, to make real progress possible and ultimately help you achieve your biggest, most audacious goals.

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How to get started

The 5 pillars of a sustainable escape plan

Reimagining success

Stepping off the conveyor belt, letting go of other people's expectations, and considering the big picture of what's important to you

Getting out of your comfort zone

Challenging yourself, addressing your limiting beliefs and confronting your fears, and swallowing your ego and thinking differently about 'failure'

Creating strong business foundations

Choosing the right business model, understanding your ideal client and knowing the problem you solve, and creating the right packaging and pricing

Building a personal brand and platform

Creating and distributing content, establishing your credibility and authority, and growing an audience and community for the long term

Creating work-life integration

Establishing clear boundaries, and learning to say "no", and using systems and tools to automate and free up your time for what really matters,

"Anna's help has been fundamental in the way I look at life and how I redefined success. She is smart, genuinely cares about people and is never judgmental. I would recommend to have a first session with her, and you'll get hooked."

- Serena, Founder of Lyona Cakes

What are your wildest dreams, your most audacious goals?

Ever fantasised about writing a book? Travelling the world? Setting up your own business?

Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning because you're so excited about getting to work. Imagine feeling inspired and energised and passionate about what you're doing. Imagine having the freedom and flexibility to spend time with your friends and family when it mattered.

What would that be like for you?

I'll help you to set clear objectives for what you want to achieve, balance your work ambitions with your personal priorities, and - less sexily but very importantly - manage your time and energy effectively so that you ultimately achieve even your most ambitious long-term goals.

A proven, step-by-step process

Together we will work through clearly defined steps that will help you create a vision of what success means to you and then guide you on how to make it happen.

We’ll explore together:

  • Working out what’s important to you
  • Understanding what’s getting in your way
  • Defining criteria and setting clear goals
  • Creating an action plan and a support structure

Together we’ll take you from a position of frustration and confusion to a place of clarity and assurance where you know what you want and you’re confident that you are on the right path to achieve it. You’ll go from “I don’t know what I want” to “I know what I want and I know how to get it.”

Here’s what you’ll come away with…

  • An understanding of who you are and what’s important
  • A plan of attack for combatting and overcoming your fears
  • A network of like-minded people who will support you
  • Renewed energy and enthusiasm as you shape the life you’ve dreamed of

Choose how to work together

This group programme will help you navigate the transition out of your full-time job, setting up your business and getting your first clients
This is a group mastermind giving entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners ongoing support outside of the 9 to 5

Here’s what my clients have to say

Feeling unsure about the kind of support that you need and how I might be able to help? Let's get on a call together so that you can ask any questions you might have and we can both see if you and I are a good fit. I promise that you'll walk away with at least ONE STEP that you can take to get you closer to where you want to be.

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