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My name is Anna Lundberg and I want to help you redefine ‘success’

I’ve been there myself.

I was plodding along that same expected path – I graduated top of my class, I studied PPE at Oxford, I continued on to do a Masters in International Relations and finally I ended up ‘accidentally’ in a career in marketing at a leading multinational corporation.

The job was great on paper, my work was challenging and I loved my colleagues… but fundamentally I felt disconnected, like there must be *something more*. And in 2013, I reached the point where the pain of staying was greater than the fear of leaving – and I quit.

Fast-forward to today and I’ve built a coaching and consulting business, publishing two books and launching a podcast; more than that, though, I’ve been able to travel the world, make more time for friends and family, and shape a location-independent business and a lifestyle that’s 100% tailored to my own personal definition of success.

And I want to help you do the same!

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How to get started

Your 5 steps to a sustainable escape plan

1. Identifying what 'success' means to you

I’ll help you get off the conveyer belt and step back to consider the bigger picture of what’s really important to you

2. Developing your confidence and resilience

Together, we'll confront your fears and concerns about quitting your job and empower you to make this change

3. Defining your business plan

I’ll help you choose the right business model and develop a viable business plan that will bring you the income you need

4. Building an effective brand

We’ll get clear on what you want to stand for and help you build your credibility and authority in your chosen field

5. Creating flexible work-life integration

We'll make sure you establish clear boundaries, strategies and systems to free up your time for what really matters

"Anna's help has been fundamental in the way I look at life and how I redefined success. She is smart, genuinely cares about people and is never judgmental. I would recommend to have a first session with her, and you'll get hooked."

- Serena, Founder of Lyona Cakes

What are your wildest dreams, your most audacious goals?

Ever fantasised about writing a book? Travelling the world? Setting up your own business?

Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning because you're so excited about getting to work. Imagine feeling inspired and energised and passionate about what you're doing. Imagine having the freedom and flexibility to spend time with your friends and family when it mattered.

What would that be like for you?

I'll help you to set clear objectives for what you want to achieve, balance your work ambitions with your personal priorities, and - less sexily but very importantly - manage your time and energy effectively so that you ultimately achieve even your most ambitious long-term goals.

Leaving the Corporate 9 to 5

After interviewing 50 people who have left the corporate 9 to 5 to forge their own path, I’ve collected their stories in a book that will inspire you with the possibilities that are out there and reassure you that you’re not alone in looking for an alternative.

In the book, I consider the alternatives:

  • moving into a different sector
  • going freelance
  • launching your own business
  • creating a portfolio career
  • taking a leap of faith

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The Reimagining Success Podcast

In this podcast…

  • you’ll be encouraged to go beyond the narrow conventional focus on work and career
  • you’re going to hear from individuals who are pursuing their own definitions of success
  • and you will be getting all sorts of extra resources and support

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Choose how to work together

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This group mastermind provides entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners ongoing support outside of the 9 to 5

Here’s what my clients have to say

Feeling unsure about the kind of support that you need and how I might be able to help? Let's get on a call together so that you can ask any questions you might have and we can both see if you and I are a good fit. I promise that you'll walk away with at least ONE STEP that you can take to get you closer to where you want to be.

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